Studio Policies

1. Policies:

Studio policies help clarify the logistics of lessons and scheduling, and allow both teacher and

student to know what to expect from week to week. By attending lessons, you agree to abide by

these policies.

2. Rates and Fees:

Weekly Rate:

$55 one hour lesson

$35 half hour lesson (available for ages 12 and under, or by special arrangement)

Monthly rates are determined by the number of lessons given each month. For example, if there

are five lessons in a month, then the charge will be for five lessons.

Late Fee:

Tuition is due the first lesson of the month. Late tuition may be subject to a $10 late-fee if more

than a week overdue. I reserve the right to refuse lessons until payment has been made.

3. Payment for Lessons:

Monthly payment is due by cash, check or other arrangement at or by the first lesson of every month. Please remember that

the lesson fee is tuition: it reserves a spot for the student in my schedule every week at the assigned time.

4. Lesson Times:

Lessons are given on a weekly basis at the same time each week. When you sign up for lessons,

a time slot is reserved for you, and you commit to pay for that time slot.

5. Absences, Cancellations, and Make-up Lessons:

Tuition is due whether or not you attend the lesson. I reserve a spot in the studio for you, and

therefore missed lessons cannot be deducted from tuition.

Make-up lessons may be offered for absences if I am notified at least 24 hours prior to the

lesson in question. If offered, make-up lessons will be given during the same week as the

missed lesson at a mutually agreeable time. Make-up lessons are not guaranteed. In general,

the earlier you can notify me of a conflict, the greater the likelihood that we can arrange a make-

up lesson. If your cancellation is due to illness, emergency, etc., I do my best to be

reasonable about rescheduling or refunding tuition for that day.

6. Teacher Cancellation:

If I need to cancel a lesson for any reason, the lesson will be made up, credited to your balance

for the following payment period, or refunded.

7. Lesson Termination:

I ask that you give at least one month’s notice for discontinuing lessons. This helps me to be able to offer that spot to an incoming student.

8. Communication:

If you ever have any questions or concerns about the lessons, please do not hesitate to talk to

me in person, email me, or call me. Although I do not answer the phone while I am teaching, I

will respond as soon as I am able.